Check out some great online drawing workshops that creative kids will love!

Draw & Animate in Procreate

drawing on tablet

Kiddy Coders presents a live workshop that’ll teach kids how to use the Procreate iPad app to create amazing digital art!

May 17 | 5:30 – 6:30 pm EDT


Artful Doodle w/ Rusty Harden

kid coloring drawing of cat

Learn to draw fun animals, flowers, bugs, and more!

May 11 | 4 – 5 pm EDT


Cartooning Workshop | Lego Characters

drawing lego character

This step-by-step lesson will teach kids how to draw and colour LEGO characters!

Jun 12 | 10 – 11:30 am EDT


Andrea’s Wild, Wacky, Stampede Art Class!

cartoon horse

Dust off the cowboy hats, boots, and crayons and mosey down to Andrea’s stampede themed art showdown!! Using some basic art supplies, children will learn how to draw everyday objects that are commonly associated with the Calgary Stampede.

Hosted by We Did It! School-Age Care Society

June 27 | 7 – 8 pm EDT